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The Paranormal Investigations & Research Foundation  (Malta G.C.) has been set up with the aim of conducting onsite professional paranormal investigations based on facts and research and using all the scientific equipment available in this field.

Besides ghosts, PIRF also conducts investigations of UFO sightings and other weird or strange phenomenon.

PIRF does not use Ouija boards, dowsing rods, pendants or séances as tools in order to achieve results in its investigations. The foundation prefers to use scientific methods, research and common sense as deemed fit by its group of professional paranormal investigators.

PIRF follows a set of standards and protocols for conducting field investigations based mostly on practical experience and common sense. These standards and protocols establish a baseline to study photos or EVP recordings among other things, which are claimed to have captured orbs or spirits or voices of the dead respectively. The foundation provides standard and protocol guidelines to ensure that professionalism is ensured in this field of study.  The foundation tries its utmost to follow these rules to the letter:

  • Respects people and their property, and always requests for a written permission to conduct onsite investigations.
  • Conducts investigations in a professional manner using scientific equipment that is considered to be of the highest standards and provides written reports of the results
  • Observes and respects ANY religious beliefs or traditions when conducting investigations in cemeteries or churches; ensures no damage is done at historic sites, and guarantees confidentiality to private home owners
  • Upholds a positive and open mind attitude at all times, as it considers this as a very important rule for all investigations.
  • All persons taking part in an investigation have an open mind regarding paranormal phenomena and are neither gullible nor sceptical
  • Follows the lunar cycles and solar storms for conducting investigations when possible in order to obtain optimum results. Paranormal events occur during peak geomagnetic field conditions.
  • Does not take photographs during adverse weather conditions, such as rain, mist, fog, windy, or dusty conditions
  • Takes photo sessions keeping in mind that multiple orbs in photos are usually dust particles, not spirits.
  • Takes EVP recordings when deemed necessary, always using fresh audiotapes. If digital, recording is done in one or two minute tracks. 
  • Since angry spirits have been known to be attracted by angry or agitated people whilst other spirits are known to run away, as a precaution a person in these conditions is not be allowed to take part in an investigation.
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